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  1. Holding A Gun In The Airport
  2. If More Citizens carried guns would that deter crime?
  3. Automatic Weapons
  4. Gun Shows
  5. Concealed Weapons Permits
  6. Do you tell people you know if you own a gun?
  7. the second ammendment
  8. People that should carry a gun
  9. When does enough become too much?
  10. How many guns do you own?
  11. Florida Law Allows Self Defense Against “Retreating” Criminals
  12. Mischaracterizing Self Defense
  13. Oak Park Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban
  14. Masked Robbers Shot by 2 Customers
  15. Egyptian Crew Kills Pirates and Escapes
  16. Firearms Training in the Chicago Area
  17. If Only 1 Victim Had Been Armed for Self Defense…
  18. 72 Year Old NC State Senator Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense
  19. Long Term Ammunition Storage
  20. Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Detroit Armed Robber in Self Defense
  21. First in First out – sometimes but not always a good idea for ammo storage
  22. Michigan Considering Allowing Concealed Carry on College Campuses
  23. Favoring the Criminal at the Expense of the Innocent
  24. Minor but Good Improvements to IL Gun Laws
  25. Having Cops Nearby is No Guarantee of Safety
  26. Another Meritless Anti Self Defense Argument (that is all to common in Chicago)
  27. East St. Louis Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  28. Self Defense Proportionality
  29. Nashville Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense
  30. Chicago Cops able to Defend Themselves – Ordinary Citizens not so Fortunate
  31. The Solution to My First Unpleasant Gun Store Experience: A Local FFL (M&M Pawnbroker
  32. Armed Robber Shot by Pawnshop Manager
  33. Magpul PMAG Polymer AR-15 Magazine Review
  34. 3 Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense
  35. Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Manager from Car Attack
  36. My Thoughts on the Judge Lefkow Tragedy and Her Comments
  37. Obama and Nuclear Arms Control
  38. Texas Homeowner Shoots Home Invaders in Self Defense
  39. Hillsborough, NC Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  40. Cab Driver Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  41. Self Defense in Low Light
  42. Remember: One Person Can Make a Difference for Gun Rights
  43. 74 Year Old Home Owner Shoots and Cuts 2 Violent Home Invaders in Self Defense
  44. A Particularly Painful Negligent Shooting Case
  45. Kenosha, WI Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense
  46. Wellington, FL Home Invader Shot by Home Owner in Self Defense
  47. Lessons to be Learned from the Tragic Murder of Meredith Emerson
  48. Armed Father Saves Himself and His Family from a Machete-Wielding Attacker
  49. Question: How many of you openly support gun rights?
  50. Pregnant Woman Holds Armed Home Invader at Gunpoint
  51. San Diego Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  52. “The Final Destination” Movie Perpetuates Myth about NRA Racism
  53. Ormond Beach, FL Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense
  54. LearnAboutGuns.com Now Available for the Amazon Kindle
  55. Elderly Man with Concealed Carry Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  56. Take this Illinois Concealed Carry Survey
  57. IL Man Shoots 2 Armed Robbers in Self Defense After they Choke Him and Hold His Wife
  58. Browning BT-99 Shotgun Review
  59. “Shocking” Anti Self Defense Bias
  60. Armed Homeowner Shoots Threatening Burglar in Self Defense
  61. I Passed the Illinois Bar Exam
  62. Weighing Self Defense Ammunition for Consistency
  63. Armed California Man Defends Himself Against 3 Home Invaders
  64. A Failure to Understand the Robbery vs. Theft Distinction: The “Hot Dog Robber” Case
  65. Smith & Wesson 22A .22LR Pistol Review
  66. Armed NC Man Defends Himself Against a Revenge-Seeking Home Invader
  67. A Negligent (not “Accidental”) Shooting Makes a Man’s Terrible Week Even Worse
  68. Anti Self Defense Humor (which I don’t really find to be funny)
  69. Wanted Fugitive Shot in Self Defense by Grocery Store Owner
  70. Tuscon, AZ Car Wash Robber Shot in Self Defense
  71. “Best Choices for Self Defense Ammo”
  72. Violent Northwest Houston, TX Burglar Shot in Self Defense
  73. Smith & Wesson Model 610 Revolver (10mm and .40 S&W) Review
  74. Public Support for More Gun Control is at a Record Low
  75. Early Morning Texas Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  76. New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Latest Anti Gun Stunt: Misinformation on Gun Shows
  77. Serial Robber Fatally Shot by Concealed Carry Permit Holder
  78. Guns are Not the Problem
  79. Lakeland, FL Man Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  80. Armed Brewton, AL Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  81. The Flawed Economic Argument Against Gun Ownership
  82. Shreveport, LA Home Intruder Shot in Self Defense
  83. Please Be Kind to Non Gun Owners Who Ask Gun Questions
  84. Armed Schroeppel, NY Woman Saves Herself and Her Son from a Violent Burglar
  85. Anti Gun Rights Dictionary
  86. Armed Forest Grove, OR Woman Fends Off Rapist
  87. Armed Senior Citizen Defend Himself Against a Home Invader
  88. Anti Gun “Study” Filled with Flaws and Bias
  89. Armed Grandmother Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  90. Bullet Impacts at 1,000,000 Frames Per Second
  91. San Marcos, TX Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  92. Anti Gun Newspaper Admits Concealed Carry Fears Were Unfounded
  93. Armed Son Saves Himself and His Father From 2 Violent Home Invaders
  94. Grove City, Ohio Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense
  95. 2 Shotguns, 2 Sixteen-year-olds, 2 Different Results
  96. Toledo Homeowner Shoots Burglar in Self Defense
  97. British Gun Control has Failed: Gun-Related Crime Doubled in the Decade After the Gun
  98. Body-Armor-Wearing Home Invader Shot in Self Defense by Armed Resident
  99. A Quick Note about Online Legal Advice (especially as it relates to guns)
  100. Alabama Woman Shoots Violent Home Invading Ex-Boyfriend in Self Defense
  101. Murder Case Against Luke Sanchez (who rightfully fired in self defense) Dismissed
  102. Brady Campaign Issues Grossly Misleading Statement about Fort Hood Mass Shooting
  103. Fort Worth, TX Home Invaders Shot in Self Defense
  104. My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Anti-Gun Article Entitled “Dum-Dum Nation”
  105. Field Stripping and Reassembling a Springfield XD
  106. Burglar Steals Handgun from Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent’s Home
  107. Year-Round Trap and Skeet in the Quad Cities: DLS Gun Club
  108. Armed Redmond, OR Womand Defends Herself and Her Children Against a Violent Intruder
  109. Texas Home Invader Shot in Self Defense by Armed Homeowner
  110. Opposing a Good Cause for a Misguided Reason
  111. Elderly Las Vegas Man Shoots Violent Intruder in Self Defense
  112. The Anti-Gun Suicide-Prevention Training I Received at Work
  113. Houston, TX Armed Robber Shot by Store Manager
  114. NRA Files Brief in McDonald v. Chicago
  115. Oak Park, IL Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban
  116. Indiana Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint until the Police Arrive
  117. Nacogdoches, TX Store Clerk Stops Knife-Wielding Attacker
  118. My Response to Mike Stanfill’s Follow-up Anti Gun Article and Statements
  119. The AR-15: The Modern Sporting Rifle
  120. Sorrento, FL Burglar Fatally Shot in Self Defense
  121. Thank You
  122. Bessemer, AL Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense by Store Owner
  123. Robbery versus Theft: A Followup Discussion with Bill Dwyer
  124. East St. Louis Robber Shot in Self Defense
  125. Nacogdoches, TX Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  126. Supporting Armed Self Defense and Opposing Capital Punishment is Not Hypocritical
  127. Cocoa, FL Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense by Armed Gas Station Manager
  128. Oral Arguments Date Set for McDonald v. City of Chicago
  129. “Arming ships beats UN whining”
  130. Fresno, CA Armed Robber Shot by Armed Store Clerk
  131. Fresno, CA Burglars Held at Gunpoint by Armed Homeowner
  132. Armed Self Defense Against Wild Animal Attacks
  133. Atlanta Store Owner Shoots Robber Who had just Murdered a Clerk
  134. Colorado State University Bans Concealed Carry on Campus
  135. Lincoln County, OK Homeowner Shoots Drunk and Violent Intruder in Self Defense
  136. “Laws make bad memorials”
  137. R. Lee Ermey on Gun Rights Video Clip
  138. Dead Criminals’ Relatives Attempt to Block Discussions of Self Defense
  139. Armed Elderly Man Defends Himself Against a Pair of Armed Robbers
  140. Armed Tacoma, WA Woman Scares Away a Home Invader
  141. An Open Letter to the Relatives of Criminals who were Shot in Self Defense
  142. Illinois Gubernatorial Candidates on Guns
  143. Salem, IN Home Invader Shot by Armed Home Owner
  144. Marrero, LA Armed Robber Shot in Self Defense
  145. Any Violent Attack Can Constitute a “Deadly Threat”
  146. Face the Nation: “Assault Weapon” Debate
  147. Houston, TX Store Owner Defends Himself Against Four Armed Robbers
  148. Self Defense is All About the Victim – not the attacker
  149. 2 Recent Pro-Gun Victories in Washington, D.C.
  150. Armed Robber Shoots Victim who Fully Cooperated
  151. Technical Problems for LearnAboutGuns.com [Solved]
  152. Merry Christmas
  153. More Untruthful Brady Campaign Propaganda
  154. Disabled FL Man Fends Off 2 Home Invaders
  155. Having Children is a Reason to Own Guns – not a reason to get rid of guns
  156. A Social Networking Website for Gun Owners: MyGunSpot.com
  157. St. Rose, LA Homeowner Shoots 2 Burlgars in Self Defense
  158. New Features for the LearnAboutGuns.com Website
  159. Armed Chattanooga, TN Homeowner Stops 2 Armed Robbers
  160. Armed Fireworks Stand Owner Stops 3 Armed Robbers
  161. Armed Las Cruces, NM Apartment Renter Fends Off 2 Intruders
  162. The Self Defense Shooting of Joel LaFromboise and his Father’s Response
  163. An Unexpected Motive behind a Violent Home Invasion
  164. Ruger Mini-14 Review
  165. Columbus, OH Home Invader Shot by Armed Resident
  166. “FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders As Firearm, Ammunition And ‘Large’ Magazine Sal
  167. Armed Espresso Stand Owner Fends off an Armed Robber
  168. Upcoming Fundraiser for Pro Gun Candidate Rosanna Pulido (IL 5th Congressional Distri
  169. A Very Interesting 2nd Amendment Case from November 2009: U.S. v. Skoien
  170. Violent Car Burglar Shot in Self Defense by his Would-be Victim
  171. Chattanooga, TN Store Clerk Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  172. Commercial Burglar Shot in Self Defense by an Armed Employee
  173. Help Promote Self Defense and Gun Rights
  174. Corbon DPX (Self Defense Ammunition) Review
  175. Houston, TX Home Invader Shot in Self Defense
  176. Houston, TX Homeowner Shoots Burlgar in Self Defense
  177. MyGunSpot.com Update
  178. Anti Gun Critics Dire Predications about Youth Hunting Program Proven Unfounded
  179. Guns 101: a category with very basic gun information
  180. Corbon DPX Video Clip
  181. Guns 101: Shotguns
  182. Violent Home Invader Fatally Shot by His Victim
  183. Kansas City Store Clerk Stops an Armed Robber
  184. MA Gun Owners: Remember to Vote on Tuesday, January 19, 2010!
  185. MSAR STG-556 (Bullpup Rifle) Review
  186. 11 Year Old Boy Shoots a Violent Home Invader in Self Defense
  187. Reminder to Massachusetts Gun Owners: Vote Today!
  188. Thank You Massachusetts Voters – Pro Gun Scott Brown Wins Senate Seat!
  189. The Importance of Always Carrying
  190. “The Truth about the Brady Campaign and their use of suicide statistics in Wyoming”
  191. Car Wash Robbers Shot in Self Defense by Armed Citizen
  192. Disabled Senior Citizen Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense
  193. My Response to an Anti Gun Article from a Feminist Website
  194. LearnAboutGuns.com is Now on Facebook
  195. Oak Park, IL Armed Robberies Continue – despite the handgun ban
  196. IL Liquor Store Robber Shot by Armed Clerk
  197. “Teen Hunter’s Gun-Related Expulsion Overturned”
  198. Columbus, Ohio Woman Saves Family from Armed Home Invaders
  199. Illinois State Rifle Association Candidate Endorsements for February 1, 2010 Primary
  200. Chuck Norris on Gun Rights
  201. TN Home Invader Shot by Armed Citizen
  202. Barska 42mm Red Dot Scope Review
  203. Spartanburg, SC Home Invader Shot by Armed Homeowner
  204. Louisiana Store Owner Defends Himself Against 3 Violent Armed Robbers
  205. Dr. Suzanna Hupp on the Virginia Tech Shooting and the Need for Concealed Carry Video
  206. Defenseless British Citizens are Attacked in their Own Homes by Violent Burglars Once
  207. “Fables, Myths & Other Tall Tales about GUN LAWS, CRIME and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS”
  208. Wayne Lapierre Responds to Anti Gun Statements that Followed the Ft. Hood Shooting
  209. Phoenix, AZ Homeowner Shoots Violent Home Invader in Self Defense
  210. SmartCarry Concealed Carry Holster Review
  211. Iowa Residents: Urge Your State Legislators to Improve Concealed Carry Rights!
  212. Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops 4 Violent Attackers
  213. IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) – March 10, 2010
  214. The Truth about so-called “Assault Weapons’” Firepower Video Clip
  215. Iowa Carry’s New Legislative Action Center
  216. Oklahoma City Homeowner Stops 3 Knife-Wielding Robbers
  217. A Unique Home Invasion and Self Defense Case – Video Clip
  218. “Broad Daylight Rape” in Ohio Teaches Sad Lessons about Safety and Self Defense
  219. Armed Mississippi Homeowner Stops 2 Home Invaders
  220. Armed Modesto, CA Woman Fends Off Burglar
  221. Delaware Public Housing Gun Ban Abolished – Thanks to NRA and CRI
  222. Chicago Gun Ban Continues to Fail: Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher and 13 Guns Seized by Po
  223. Attend the Second Amendment March in Washington, D.C. on April 19, 2010
  224. Convicted Felon Arrested After He Defended Himself Against a Home Invader
  225. Armed Albuquerque, NM Woman Defends Herself Against a Burglar
  226. Gun Owners of America on McCain, Hayworth
  227. Armed Homeowner Defends Himself Against a Home Invader Who Had Just Shot His Dog
  228. A Website Dedicated to the “Modern Sporting Rifle”
  229. “Disguised Weapons”
  230. Exciting Career Changes
  231. Law Enforcement Officials Negligently Allow Guns to Fall into Criminals’ Hands
  232. Armed San Bernardino County, California Homeowner Stops Home Invader
  233. Gun Safety Video Clip
  234. Attend the 2010 Annual NRA Meeting in Charlotte, NC on May 14 – 16
  235. Armed Neighbor Saves Mother and Daughter from Home Invading Rapist
  236. Armed Florida Man Stops Daytime Burglar
  237. Johnson County, MO Homeowner Fends Off Home Invader
  238. A Gun Misrepresentation in Court
  239. Teach Your Kids to Shoot Video Clip
  240. McDonald v. Chicago Oral Aguments Today
  241. South African Business Owner Shoots Armed Robber in Self Defense
  242. McDonald v. Chicago Oral Arguments Transcript
  243. IL Residents: Contact Your Representatives and Oppose these Anti Gun Bills
  244. Ohio Homeowner Fends off Early-Morning Burglar
  245. Armed Shreveport, Louisiana Man Saves his Father from Violent Home Invaders
  246. Kindergartner Suspended for Making Gun Shape with His Hand
  247. Armed Grandfather Saves Himself, His Wife, and His Grandson from a Violent Burglar
  248. My Responses to Starbucks Barista Erik Forman’s Anti Gun Comments
  249. Armed Convenience Store Clerk Stops Armed and Violent Robber
  250. My Response to Lara Marlowe’s Anti Gun Article