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    The next course will be in June 2011. Exact dates to be announced. This is a 5 Day Training Course. The maximum students on the course will be 12. The fee is $1,400.00 and does not including lodging, meals, etc..., You will need your Security Guard/P.I. Licence, and or Military/Police Credentials and a Police Background Check to attend the Course. Location: Ontario/Huntsville and or Minden area.

    *** Please call us if you have any questions ***


    Sunil Ram

    This training program is aimed at: Corporate Security Departments, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security Personnel involved in close protection and high-risk security operations. The broad spectrum of material will include:

    Introduction to Protective Services Operations, Risk Evaluation, Threat Assessment, Personal Security Skills, Communications, Public Engagements, Residence Security, Hotel Security, Office and Business Security, Personal and Professional Relationships, CPR/First Aid, Vehicle and Foot Escort Procedures, Counter-Ambush Techniques, Advance/Pre-Planning a VIP Visit, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Electronic Security, Protective Concepts and Body Formations, Advance BG Shooting Techniques, Weapons Selection, Attire, Concealed Carry Techniques, Hand to Hand Combat Techniques for Close Protection Specialists, Foreign Operations, Criminal/Terrorist Profiles and Methodology, Explosives Detection and Improvised Explosive Devices.

    Our mobile training team is available to travel to your location(s).

    For more information call or email us.
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