1. POST IN THE APPROPRIATE SECTION. Each section of the forum is clearly marked as to what content should be posted there. Misplaced threads are subject to removal - regardless of their content.
  2. DO NOT start more than 10 thread per day. Excess threads will be merged and warnings will be issued. Repeat violations are subject to more severe disciplinary action.
  3. NO SPAM ( SPEED POSTING ) - Do not spam the board! Respond to posts that you liked. Thank providers for their hard work and dedication. But do not spam the board with "thanx" just for the sake of raising your post count.
  4. NO DOUBLE POSTING - Do not post the same posts in two different forums - even if it is your own work. Again, you WILL be caught and you WILL be dismissed!
  5. ALL external links for pictures and videos MUST be DIRECT LINKS - use of usercash or other redirect services in posts will result in deletion of the thread - continued posting of these indirect links will result in action being taken against your account.